Kyle Caldwell
Tech Solutions are your local computer geeks. We have been looking after our treasured clients since 2009 and we’re always on call for whenever they need us. We don't just service computers either, ask us about anything techie!

Technology can be confusing and frustrating. I saw this all the time while I worked for a big technology retailer. I would spend a lot of my time setting up new laptops for people or showing them how to use their new tablet or smartphone. People would come back to me in store when they had problems and I had so much demand that I would have do my call outs after my job, and that’s how Tech Solutions was born. That was way back in 2009 and we have grown a lot since then. Moving on to specialise in managing small business I.T systems from kindergartens to medical centres. It was my passion for helping people that started the business and it’s been that same passion that has helped me grow my loyal client base that I’m so grateful for.